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AudionVac VMS 153 V

AudionVac VMS 153 V
AudionVac VMS 153 V - Hulme Martin Heat Sealers Ltd
Machine Size490mm (L) x 650mm (W) x 750mm (H)
Maximum Product Size380mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 330mm (H)
Seal Length & Position380mm (Top of machine)
Seal Width3.5mm (Parallel Seal)
Vacuum Pump Capacity213/hour
Number of Gas pipes2 (Optional)
Power Requirements230V (Volts) , 13 Amps  (Single Phase)
Power Consumption0.75 – 1.0 kW/hr
OptionsTrim Seal, Double Seal, Vacuum Sensor, Multicycle Gas Flush

VMS 153 V

The VMS 153 V is a Vertical Chamber Sealer

Designed to overcome a host of difficulties associated with liquids or powders, previously encountered using horizontal vacuum sealers.

It has a plate in the chamber to support different length pouches, allowing them to remain in the upright position.
This is ideal for modern stand up pouches of sauces, soups and many other applications.

Using an impressive 213/hour Vacuum Pump & soft air as standard, this machine offers a solution to many requirements!

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