VMS 123 Vacuum Chamber machine

Machine Size (LxWxH) mm 450 x 525 x 385
Chamber Size (LxWxH) mm 350 x 420 x 150
Effective chamber size mm 340 x 370
Seal Length mm and position 340mm at front of machine
Seal Width 3.5mm parallel seal
Vacuum Pump Capacity 16 m3/hour
Number of Gas pipes 2 (Optional)
Power Requirements 230 volts , 13 Amps  single phase
Power Consumption 0.55
Options  Trim seal, Single 8mm seal,Code seal, vacuum sensor, Multicycle gas flush, 

The VMS 123 has a host of additional features as standard, with several options available. With a chamber size to accommodate fairly large vacuum sealing requirements, it has a 10 program digital controller. This helps if you want to use it on a range of your products, by simply programming the correct seal and vacuum settings for each product, they can then be selected with up / down buttons quickly and efficiently. Soft air is included, making it ideal for sharp or fragile contents, this forms the vacuum pouch slowly over the contents to avoid damage and enhance the final packaging.