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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question you would like to ask us? More than likely, it has already been answered!

Please take a look through the FAQ for answers you need, or type your question into the search bar for a more accurate search.
If we have not added the question you have already, then please get in contact with us (details below). We may update this page with your question at a later date.

Can I purchase goods directly from the website ?

No, we currently do not have the capability for this option.

How do I place an order for some Hulme Martin Heat Sealer, goods?

If you have seen something that has taken your interest on our website, then you can either

How can I pay for Hulme Martin Heat Sealer machines & Spares?

Please find our banking details at the bottom of either your Quotation / Proforma.

We accept Bank Transfers, or card payments over the phone (please call 01483 476767, quoting your Sales Order and/or your account number if available).

Is it true that there is a 4% charge, if purchasing with a Company Credit Card?

Yes, as stated on the government website:
‘The ban on surcharging in regulation 6A(1) applies to most retail payment instruments as defined in regulation 6A(1)(a) and (b). These are:
Non-commercial cards for which interchange fees are regulated under the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR);
These include the vast majority of cards, including Visa and MasterCard; however, they do not includecorporate cards issued to employees for
business expenditures such as office equipment and supplies or services’
See link for additional information:

We do NOT charge the additional 4%, if you are using a personal Credit/Debit Card.

What do I do, if I think my Hulme Martin Heat Sealer is faulty?

Please reach out to us on 01483 476767, or email for initial guidance on any issue you may have with your machine,
before sending us the machine in for repair.
There may be a simple solution we can offer, which will be as quick and cost effective as possible.

Do you have anyone on the road, who can come and repair my Hulme Martin machine?

No, unfortunately we currently do not have anyone who can make visits to other companies, worldwide.

Please send your faulty machines to:

Hulme Martin Heat Sealers Ltd
Unit 5B
Country Business Centre
White Cottage Farm
Lucas Green Road
Surrey GU24 9LZ

Polite Notice: When sending machines back, please write us a note with some contact information & list the problems you are having with the sealer.

Does my Hulme Martin Heat Sealer have a warranty?

Yes, it likely does.
Each Hulme Martin Heat Sealer will come with a  1 Year Warranty.
Provided that the machine has not been misused; is correctly maintained, and has not been subject to unauthorised repair.
However, transportation costs are excluded from the warranty.

Where can I find a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for my Hulme Martin Heat Sealer?

Please find the CoC on the last page of your Operating Instructions Manual.

I have lost my Operating Instructions, where can I download another copy?

Found on the Product Information for each machine on
Feel free to contact our Sales Team, who will be happy to provide you with a digital copy of the Operating Instructions, if needed.

I have a material that I need to seal, but I am not sure if it will work on a Hulme Martin Heat Sealer machine – What should I do?

We often have people calling us up, checking if their material will seal together or not.
This depends upon the thickness & type of material being sealed together.
When in doubt, send us a sample of the material. We are more than happy to give it a test seal at our factory.
We will email you images/videos of the results.

How do I find my Account Number?

This is located on the left hand side of the Proforma/Quotation, under your company invoice address.

I have been told that my order is on its way, but I have not received my Sales Invoice – what should I do?

Do not worry, this will be sent to you ASAP, but please allow at least 1 working day from purchase, to receive your Sales Invoice via the email address provided to us.
If you need this sent to your accounts department, please let our Sales Team know the email address, if this is not found on the PO or if you do not provide us with a PO.

I have been told that Hulme Martin Heat Sealers offer Next Day Delivery, is this true?

We always aim to deliver the goods ASAP, either the next working day or the day after that (where possible – within the UK, worldwide shipping times vary).

Can I purchase one of your Hulme Martin Heat Sealers, in 110V?

Yes, this is possible. But please allow between 2-3 working days, for us to convert the machine from standard 230V to 110V.

Will it cost more to Convert to 110V?

Yes, each machine that you wish to purchase as a 110V, will need to be manually converted by one of our busy manufacturing teams. This will be added to your final invoice.

Can I purchase goods directly from the website,

No, we currently do not have the capability for this option.

How do I re-wire a Heater Bar?

Please find our informational video on How to Re-wire a Heater Bar, here:

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