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Serial No:- 76CDL/xxxx

HM 7600 CDL spares
HM 7600 CDL Spares
760211Heater Bar Assembly (Narrow/Standard)Each
760213THeater Bar Assembly (T-Wire)Each
760205Rubber Pressure PadEach
760027Silicon Foam Back PadEach
760203Self-Adhesive Barrier TapePack of 5
760204Underwire Insulation TapePack of 5
760206Element WirePack of 5
760218Element Wire (T-Wire)Pack of 5
245022Element Spring (2 per Heater Bar)Each
245024Element Grips (2 per Heater Bar)Each
245057Copper Strip (2 per Heater Bar)Each
245021Contact Pin (2 per Heater Bar)Each
445Safety Cutter AssemblyEach
490Guillotine BladePack of 10

HM 7600 CDL (Foot Pedal & Cable Operated with Cutter) Spares

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