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Serial No:- 31CDS/xxxx

HM 3100 CDS Spares
HM 3100 CDS Spares
300211Heater Bar Assembly (Cutter)Each
300213Heater Bar Assembly (Round Wire)Each
300213THeater Bar Assembly (T-Wire)Each
300205Rubber Pressure PadEach
300265Black Neoprene PadEach
300203Self-Adhesive Barrier TapePack of 5
300204Underwire Insulation TapePack of 5
300215Underwire Insulation Tape (Round Wire)Pack of 5
300206Element WirePack of 5
300214Element Wire (Round Wire)Pack of 5
300218Element Wire (T-Wire)Pack of 5
400017Contact Pin (Heater Bar)Each
400020Nut (Contact Pin)Each
400040Washer (Contact Pin)Each
445Safety Cutter AssemblyEach
490Guillotine BladePack of 10

HM 3100 CDS (Semi-Automatic Heat Sealer with Cutter) Spares

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