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HM 305 CTD

HM 305 CTD
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HM 305 CTD Constant Heat Sealer (Crimp Seal) - Popular with Coffee packaging companies!
HM 305 CTD Constant Heat Sealer (Crimp Seal) - Popular with Coffee packaging companies!
HM 305 CTD - Digital Temperature Controller
HM 305 CTD - Crimp Bar Close Up
Maximum Sealing Length300mm (12")
Seal Width12mm (Crimp Seal)
Voltage240V, 110V (Conversion)
Power Consumption (Watts) 460W (per seal)
Fuse RatingT3.15 amp
Footprint450mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 215mm (H)
OperationFoot Operated (via Chain & Pedal)
MountingBench Mounted
Options12mm (Flat Seal), Stand Kit

HM 305 CTD - (Constant Temperature Digital, Heat/Crimp Sealer)
Part No. 30525082

*Popular with Coffee packaging companies!*

For a high-integrity, 12mm (Wide Crimp Seal).

Will work on cellophane, polypropylene, heavy duty barrier foils, coated papers & other laminates.
Both the Upper & Lower Jaws are heated, enabling use with heavier materials or gusseted bags.

The machine's temperature is electronically controlled with a Digital Thermal Fuse, fitted for excess temperature protection.
This allows for consistent & easy temperature selection of up to 180°C (this feature is lockable if necessary to prevent user intervention).

This Constant Heat Sealer is commonly used for coffee & tea producers, who use gusseted foil & paper bags to ensure a professional seal.

It also can simulate the seal produced on expensive flow wrappers for prototype packing, or simply a very high quality finished seal on low volume products (such as snack bars & speciality foods).

All Hulme Martin machines are manufactured in the UK to a high industrial quality.