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HM 2500 S

HM 2500 S
HM 2500 S - Security Impulse Heat Sealer
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Maximum Sealing Length240mm (9.5")
Seal Width6mm (Wide)
Film Thickness2 x 600 gauge (2 x 150 micron)
Voltage240V, 110 Volt (Conversion)
Power Consumption (Watts)165W (per seal)
Fuse RatingT3.15 amp
Footprint338mm (L) x 123mm (W) x 170mm (H)
OperationHand Operated
MountingBench or Wall Mounted
OptionsCan emboss alphanumeric characters within the seal

HM 2500 S- Security Impulse Heat Sealer
    *Security Embossed Seal, Optional*
Part No. 25102052

Hulme Martin's smallest Security Impulse Heat Sealer, offers a compact hand operated bag sealer.
This Heat Sealer is manufactured in the UK to our usual high, Hulme Martin quality.

Offering reliable repeatable sealing & longevity, giving fantastic value for money.
Despite it's size, it is built to an industrial standard - so is capable of high volume production applications.
Manufactured from Mild Steel, it is a robust & reliable piece of machinery.

The Impulse Sealer is a simple hand operated version, with a Single Electronic Timer for control of the heating cycle.
An LED indicator is included on the machine (for the operator to know when the cycle is finished).

Unlike a Pivot End Machine, the open ends on the element allow a larger bag to be easily passed over the element & sealed twice, so it can be easily used on large bags.
Hulme Martin's bag sealers are manufactured with "un-pluggable" Heater Bar Assemblies, which can be changed in seconds.

These can then repaired at a convenient time to avoid any "down time" on production.

We stock all consumable Spares to ensure customers get a first class service.

The HM 2500 S can be fixed to a bench or wall if required.
Wall mounting allows the bag to be kept in the upright position, ideal if you are sealing liquids or powders.
It can also be fitted & used with interchangeable Heater Bar Assemblies, offering a  T-Wire (Seal-Cut-Seal) or narrow Round Wire (Cut-&-Seal).

All Hulme Martin machines are manufactured in the UK to a high industrial quality.