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Roller Set

Roller Set
Roller Set (with Plastic Roll) * We do NOT supply the plastic roll/sheeting *
Roller Set (without Plastic Roll)
Roller Set (Bracket - Pair)
N/AHM 305 CTD Roller Set 
13027059HM 1300 Roller Set 
18027059HM 1800 Roller Set 
65027059HM 6500 Roller Set 
76027059HM 7600 Roller Set 
N/AHM 305 CTD Retainer Strip 
13027559HM 1300 Retainer Strip 
18027559HM 1800 Retainer Strip 
65027559HM 6500 Retainer Strip 
76027559HM 7600 Retainer Strip 
41259Roller Brackets (Pair) 

Roller Set / Retainer Strip / Roller Brackets

Feed plastic to your machine with ease – Our Roller Sets are designed with ease of operation in mind, & will be kept in perfect symmetry with the rollers attached. The Brackets are made out of Steel, like our machines – for a sturdy & high quality feature.

* We do NOT supply the plastic roll/sheeting *

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