Stand UP Pouch Tube sealer

 The Hulme Martin Stand Up Pouch Sealers is built for ease of use when sealing liquids, creams and pastes as it allows the sealing to be in the upright position. It is built to the ususal high standards which Hulme Martin customers have become accustomed to offering many years of life and consumable spares prices kept to a minimum ensuring ongoing costs are reduced. Offering a 320mm x 6mm seal it can seal 5 tubes together reducing your production times. The optional adjustable shelf makes adjustment simple, however the seal head is also adjustable making an all round solution. The H-Frame stand also has the option to be extended to allow for taller tubes or pouches.

Our Tube sealer has become increasingly popular to seal plastic tubes for use in cosmetics etc. It is very flexible easy to operated and offers a high quality weld when sealing tubes in the upright position. Many customers use this for small batch runs and individual tube sealing due to its very competitive pricing and high build quality.It is capable of sealing thick laminated tubes.
This clever heavy duty stand up pouch sealer enables the operator to keep the Doy pack in the upright position making it ideal for liquids and loose fill products. Producing a 320mm x 6mm seal from double heated jaws it is capable of sealing most heat seal able materials allowing hot soups and sauces, fishing baits, sweets and other consumer products in an airtight bag.