Type HMS 101 Probe Vacuum Sealer

Maximum Sealing Length Between 450mm and 1200mm
Seal Width 6mm standard
Voltage 240 Volts, 110 Volt conversion
Power Consumption (size dependent)
Fuse Rating 13 amp single phase
Footprint (L) x (W) x (H) (size dependent)
Weight Kgs (size dependent)
Operation Foot operated via pad switch or push button
Mounting Bench mounted
Options Solenoid or pneumatic versions, single or double heated jaws, 9.5mm wide seal, parallel seals, Product support shelf, Stainless Steel, PLC controller, gas flush.


The HMS 101 probe type vacuum sealer is a semi-automatic machine designed to pack goods that require more specialised packing. It is capable of sealing materials linked with vacuum packing such as nylon/polythene, foils, polypropylenes and barrier films. These sealers are not as limiting with regards to the size of product that can be packed as the product does not have to be placed inside a vacuum chamber. It has a dual timer to select heat and cool cycles for various materials, and can be used solely as a sealer without vacuum if required. Vacuum fittings are mounted on the machine ready to fit to your vacuum pump or we can supply either a TL3 or TL6 pump. It has a gas flush option available to provide the product being packed with a modified atmosphere. Please contact us for further specifications.