VMS 53 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Machine Size (LxWxH) mm 330 x 450 x 295
Chamber Size (LxWxH) mm 280 x 340 x 85
Effective chamber size mm 270 x 310
Seal Length mm and position 270mm at front of machine
Seal Width 3.5mm
Vacuum Pump Capacity 8 m3/hour
Number of Gas pipes Not available on this model
Power Requirements 230 volts , 13 Amps  single phase
Power Consumption 0.35 - 0.45 kW/hr

The VMS 53 has a large 8m3/hr vacuum pump making it ideal for a quick vacuum cycle. With a simple to use single digital controller this machine is economical to buy, easy to use and produces a quick vacuum-packed product. The body and chamber is manufactured from stainless steel making it the perfect small vacuum machine for many applications.