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HM D545-AV - All In Sealer

HM D545-AV - All In Sealer
HM D545-AV - All In Sealer - Hulme Mrtin Heat Sealers Ltd
HM D545-AV - All In Sealer - Adjustable Height
Popular with fast passed work environments
Control Panel Guide
Maximum Sealing Length/TimeContinuous Sealing System
Operating SpeedAdjustable (up to 10m/s)
Seal Width10mm
Material Thickness (for weld)2 x 200 Micron (Max), 2 x 25 Micron (Min)
Maximum Seal Temperature (Degrees Centigrade)300°C
Voltage230V, 13amps (Single Phase)
Power Consumption (Watts) 600W
Power Requirements230V
Footprint673mm (L) x 355mm (W) x 502/802mm (H)
Conveyor Belt Size112mm (W) x 590mm (L)
Max. Weight on Conveyor Belt5kg
OperationManually Operated, Conveyor (Use in a well ventilated area)
Type of product: Fluid, Granulate, Powder, Solid
MountingBench Mounted

HM D 545-AV

A handy table top continuous sealer. Ready-made-bags are sealed in a standing/vertical position.

The standing position is ideal for powders, liquids or solid products that would spill if sealed lying flat.
The temperature, running speed & cooling (by means of a special fan) are all easily adjustable via an easy-to-use Digital Control Panel.

The HM D 545-AV can be programmed with up to 9 pre-set seal settings for different packaging / bag sizes / materials.

The integrated conveyor has a flow rate up to max 10 meters per minute (depending on the film thickness).

The sealer is  electrically adjustable in height with regard to the conveyor belt which enables you to seal bags with different heights, lengths, widths & thicknesses.

The sealing temperature is adjustable up to a maximum of 250 ° C.

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