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HMS 121

HMS 121
HMS 121 (with HMS 56 Power Box)
HMS 121 (with Support Handle & Magnet)
HMS 121 (with Support Handle & Magnet)
Maximum Sealing Length400mm (12.5") – 700mm (27.5”)
Seal WidthSeal only or T-Wire (Seal-Cut-Seal)
Film Thickness1000μm approx. (4000g)
Voltage230V or 115V (Power Pack)
Jaw Opening25mm approx.
Weight10kg – 15kg
OperationHand Operated
MountingBench Mounted
OptionsPowder Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Power Pack. Electro-magnet hold down for weld cycle

HMS 121

Usually purchased for long items to be passed between jaws.

Ergonomic handle with Hold Down Latch for ease of use.

Operation of the machine (once the heat & cool times have been set) involves placing the material to be sealed between the jaws, shutting the jaws until the catch is made, & pressing the Start button (Push Button or Foot Switch). Simple, yet effective!

The Double Heat Jaws ensure thick materials are sealed.
The machine automatically runs through a weld & cool cycle.
When the blue cool light goes out, release the jaws by squeezing the release lever, & lifting the Top Jaw up.

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