HMS Medical Validatable Sealer

Medical body designed for cleanroom use

This system measures and controls the sealing wire temperature allowing for unrivalled seal repeatability. On the Medical system all the sealing parameters (time, temperature, cooling temperature and pressure) are measured and recorded to the PLCs memory, along with date and time, for uploading onto a computer. The digital controllers allow for up to 10 different sets of parameters to be programmed with alpha numeric descriptions. The temperatures controlled to the nearest degree C, with the time control to the nearest 1/10th of a second. Both of the jaws can be controlled and can be water cooled. This type of machine is suitable for all heat sealable materials including Tyvek pouches. Should any of the sealing parameters not be met the operator is alerted by an audio visual alarm. All the seal cycle settings are password protected to avoid unauthorised alteration. This controller can be fitted to most of the HMS range of machines. Please contact us for further specifications.